Wedding Vendor Spotlight, Florist: Courtney Inghram

Florist, Courtney Inghram, is a Richmond-based wedding professional who is an absolute genius when it comes to arranging the perfect wedding flowers. It may be the fact that we share a deep, obsessive love with peonies or her natural talent for all things botanical but we are in LOVE with her work. Courtney and her team are able to work with a variety of color palettes making each wedding unique and beautiful. She offers several tiers to make sure her clients get everything they need and nothing they don’t. And if it doesn’t get any better, Courtney even provides a complimentary consultation to all brides looking to book!

On top of everything she does for weddings, Courtney hosts workshop classes where she uses her eye-catching seasonal blooms and offers hand on instruction with floral design. These tips and tricks aren’t just meant for wedding pros! These classes are meant to spread her love and knowledge of flowers so she welcomes any and everyone. We love the idea of hosting a bridal brunch and floral arrangement class?! We know we wouldn’t say no to a floral crown.;)

From boutonnieres to cake embellishment, there’s absolutely NOTHING this girl can’t do. Her passion for her craft is obvious when you see pictures of her work. I adore how she adds so much texture and dimension to her arrangements! We can’t seem to get enough! Reserve the largest Water Slide Rentals Columbia SC will ever see, this will be great for the end of the party..

Courtney even blogs about Small Business Tips! From creating a positive client experience to managing your finances, she posts helpful suggestions on ways to make your small business flourish. So not only does she do an incredible job with her LLC…but she supports and encourages others to be the best they can be! We love when people empower others!!

So let’s get to know Courtney a little better and why she loves doing flowers for weddings…

Tell us…why the wedding industry?

I love being a part of the wedding industry because I get to be creative and have fun designing flowers surrounded by the happiest, most joyful brides and grooms! 🙂

What is your favorite part of a wedding?

My favorite part of a wedding is being able to hand my brides their bouquet! After many months, or even a year or more of planning out all the flowers, (sometimes even hunting the florist at Blackburn, or at their local market) the bouquet is the most special design that I create, and being able to see the look on my brides faces when I give them their flowers is such a priceless moment!

Getting personal, here. What is something we may not know about you?

I have my Master’s degree in teaching, specifically Elementary Education! Obviously, I’m not using my degree at this point, since I am a full-time wedding floral designer, but I have always had a passion for teaching!

When you’re not doing weddings, what do you like to do for fun?

When I’m not working or designing weddings, I love to go to the beach! I’ve always been a beach bum, and it’s always so relaxing and enjoyable to hang out with family and friends there and soak up the sun!

What is one of your favorite memories from a past wedding?

It’s hard for me to pinpoint a specific memory (since I have SO many good ones), but I always love being able to see the bride when she sees the reception space for the first time! So much planning and thought goes into designing that space, and it’s so fun to be able to see them react to the final product (especially the pretty flowers) and notice all the small details come to life! 🙂

You work around beautiful things all the time so is it possible to pick a favorite flower?

I am so blessed that I get to be surrounded by beautiful blooms constantly- but a few of my favorites are peonies, ranunculus and anemones! Peonies just smell amazing, and I love the delicate, “dance-like” look to ranunculus and anemones! They are the perfect blooms to finish off a centerpiece arrangement or bouquet!

If you could offer couples one piece of advice, what would you tell them?

One piece of advice that I would share with couples would be to decide upfront what elements of your wedding you want to prioritize, and what is not as important to you- there’s no wrong answer! This will help provide clarity to the entire planning process, and it will help keep the wedding about you and your fiance and celebrating your love- which is really the most important part anyways!

I think the flowers speak for themselves. We’re head over heels for Courtney and her business and hope you check her out. Courtney, thank you for being such an incredible and positive role in the wedding community! And thanks for being one of our Vendor Spotlights. 🙂

Courtney Ingrham


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