Happy 100: Celebrating 100 Weddings

Hey guys, our BIG NEWS is finally out of the bag! We are completely enthralled to be celebrating the completion of 100 weddings as Hannah Hildebrandt Events. That means 100 couples, 100 beautiful weddings, and 100 times where we’ve been chosen to be a part of such an important day! I, for one, could not be more humbled and honored that so many wonderful people have trusted our company name and the work we do. And why not throw a little confetti and celebrate with a fun photo shoot!

My assistant decided to turn the tables and interview ME (a change from our typical Vendor Spotlights). I hope you guys enjoy getting to know a little more about me and the heart behind this amazing business that is like home 🙂

Get excited, guys!

Why did you decide to get into weddings? How did you start off?

Weddings (and the people that I am lucky enough to serve within them) have always been a part of my heart for as long as I can remember. I first got my feet wet in the wedding business when I worked in the Norfolk Botanical Gardens wedding office. From there I learned that I wanted more personal interaction with the brides and grooms and decided working alongside other planners was the best route for me. From there I finally got to the point where I felt I was ready to go out on my own. I took that leap of faith and have been full-time planning for almost four years now! See what companies like Reverent Wedding Films produce for wedding videos and more to save the beautiful memories of that special day.

A lot of brides are becoming more and more DIY. What’s so important about hiring a planner?

DIY can be great and save money in lots of ways; however, there are still things you will always need that just may not be possible to do on your own. Often times brides have a general idea of what they need but could use help figuring out where to begin, how to make those things happen, or figure out who is going to be worth your money/give you the best service (without googling 1 million different names LOL!).  THAT is where your planner’s service and knowledge really comes into play. We’re here to help you think of all the things you might not even consider…or end up forgetting in the hustle and bustle of getting married.

Sunshine and sparkles? Yes please!

Thank you guys for getting me to 100 weddings!

What is your favorite part about doing weddings?

When the wedding in finally here! I plan to make sure all the details are in line with [the couple’s] vision so when all that planning comes to fruition and they finally see all the hard work in front of them, exactly the way they imagined- that look of satisfaction on their faces is just the best 🙂

Do you have a favorite wedding story?

As cliche as it may sound, they are all favorites in their own, individual way. All weddings are unique in their own way and I can honestly say that’s one of my favorite parts about what I do. Every couple has their own story, their own ideas…and none are identical to the others. It’s kind of amazing 🙂

keep smiling

Fun fact. This is my anniversary date...

Tough question. What’s the hardest part about what you do?

Accepting that sometimes as hard as we try or as much as we do things to make the couple happy, we may not be perfect. There may be something that arises that is just not in my control… and that HAS happened. It doesn’t mean that I haven’t done my job to the best of my ability. I’ve had to learn to think on the fly, to quickly make adjustments, figure out a solution, and keep on smiling!

It got a little hot so it was time to put my hair up.

From 1 to 100 how has your planning changed or evolved?

I have learned so much…probably more than I thought possible. With that being said, there will always be more to learn. I’ve made lots of mistakes in a total of 10 years and I’ll admit it! My brides and their families have grown with me and I am forever grateful they’ve traveled on this journey with me. They not only support my career…my dream but my family – my husband, my daughter and some furry little pups 🙂 I’ve made some of the greatest friendships and relationships. Thank you is such a small token of the immense gratitude I have so please know that you all mean so much! You will always hold a special place in my heart.

I'm still in awe that we've done ONE HUNDRED weddings!

Happy 100, Yall!

Last but not least, we need to give a well-deserved shout out to Kirstyn Jordan of Kirstyn Marie Photography. She is the brilliant mastermind behind ALL of these gorgeous photos! She always manages to capture everything and everyone so flawlessly.

Go check her out.

[The Kirstyn Marie Bride Experience ]

Not only is she a wonderful photographer but shes a fantastic person and a great friend! Thanks again!

And of course my girl Leah, with BlushTones – always dolling me up and making a girl feel her best!

As always, if anyone has any questions, feel free to visit my website or shoot me a message. I look forward to another 100 weddings and I need you guys to help get me there!

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