This one’s for the boys! – grooms and their guys

Alright, so weddings are typically associated with the women flaunting their wedding veils and dresses (which isn’t a problem 😉 but what about the men?! The groom, groomsmen, and even bridesmen (yep, that’s totally a thing) play just as important a role in our weddings. It is with our EXTREME pleasure to dedicate this blog to the masculine men that have stolen our heart…and some crazy photo ops. Without you, we’d have no idea what we’d do! So cheers to the grooms and their guys! This one’s for you!

Andy and his groomsmen are ROCKIN it in their ombre pink ties. Everyone knows real men wear pink. Photo credit: Amanda Hedgepeth

HHE loves seeing these bromances in real life. Nothing is better than having a solid group of guys to love and support you through one of the biggest days of your adult life. We love the crazy antics and the laughter and the friendship that these guys show. All the outfits are coordinated with the grooms, which is great to see. Maybe some ACCESSORIES would have been a nice little touch. Something as simple as matching cufflinks would have done just the trick. It’s little details that can sometimes make a big difference. You can book Party Rentals Orlando FL for the kids for your upcoming celebration in Orlando Florida

Jason and his guys jumping for joy…or showing off those sweet dance moves? We’ll let you decide. Either way, we dig those jazz hands, boys! Photo cred: Betty Bryant

We’re always lucky when we come across a group of guys who aren’t afraid to let loose. Don’t forget to enjoy your day! The wedding day really DOES pass quickly and before you know it, you’re looking through all of your pictures. So get a little crazy. Be a little goofy. Enjoy the little moments!

That little leg wrap around Matt gets us every time. That bromance, though! Photo cred: Kirstyn Marie

Look at these smiles on Roger and his groomsmen. Even the ring bearer is enjoying this awesome pre-wedding shoot. Photo cred: Andi and Zoe Grant

We love that all these studs are a part of the HHE family! Photo cred:Corrin Jasinski

A big thanks to these men and their gorgeous brides for allowing us to be a part of their big day! Yall make this job totally worth while.

Grooms and gifts

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