Meet an HHE Couple- Kelly & Nick

Kelly and Nick are planning a beautiful Williamsburg wedding and have already been so much fun getting to plan with – Hear some thoughts from Kelly herself on the planning journey!

Let’s start with an easy one-How did you meet and what was your proposal like?

We met in Geometry class in the 9th/10th grade! That class was some of our best memories because we got to become such great friends before dating in the summer after school had ended!
Our proposal was great!! Nick brought me down to a cute gazebo that was decorated and proposed! Nick’s sister took pictures and we were giggling and smiling the whole time because we felt like how was this real?? We were just little kids in class and now we get to get married! It was the best!

Tell us a little something about yourselves that others may not know or find interesting:

We found out when we first met that we had both thought to ourselves that this is going to be the person we marry. We never told this to one another until we were older and it was so neat when we did. It makes us know that we really are soulmates!

What has surprised you most in planning for a wedding?

A lot of things have to fit together perfectly to work like a puzzle. Every aspect of the wedding is a piece that has to be crafted and done right! That’s why I am so glad to have HHE and our families through all of it, to make our puzzle fit perfectly!

What has been the biggest challenge through your wedding planning?

Our biggest challenge has been finding the time to plan! We are both in college (one in graduate school) so finding time to get everyone together to meet can be difficult! We know though that with all the help and love we have that our day will be perfect, regardless of feeling like we never have time.  So even with challenges of time, I think having a support system is so important in the planning process!

Do you have any tips to offer future brides or brides currently planning their wedding?

Remember that it will all work out! I know I have hit some bumps with things and thought it would be a disaster, but eventually they got worked out and turned out perfect!  Also, give yourself time to plan and enjoy planning! It’s supposed to be a fun time! So make sure it stays fun!!!

What are you most looking forward to on the big day?


I am most looking forward to the moments after we are officially married and walk back down the aisle. Those first moments together married are what I just cannot wait for! It makes me so happy just to think of!



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