Meet an HHE Couple- Jacquie and Nick

 We are so happy to introduce you to another 2017 Fall HHE couple, Jacquie and Nick, and let you hear some  fun info and helpful tips in your planning!jacquie-adams

Let’s start with an easy one first, how did you lovebirds meet?

We met online actually. Nick is in the Navy and I was a producer for the morning newscast for the NBC station in Richmond at the time. Our schedules made it difficult to meet people outside of work, so we both ended up giving online dating a try. It’s a good thing we did! I sent the first message and it’s a really good thing Nick responded! The rest is history 🙂

Tell us a little something about you guys that others may not know.

Nick is a magician! He knows a ton of magic card tricks and it’s mesmerizing to watch! And I love Disney movies and Pirates of the Caribbean so much, I can pretty much quote every line.

What has surprised you most in planning a wedding?

I’ve been most surprised about how hard it is to stick to a budget. I have a “champagne taste” I suppose you could say and want everything. Nick is keeping me level-headed though, so we’re not going too off budget! But really, everyone will tell you weddings are expensive but it really doesn’t sink in until you start seeing the prices yourself when you try to book everything.

What has been the biggest challenge along the way?

The biggest challenge is yet to come actually. Nick is still in the Navy. In December, we’re being transferred to Charleston, South Carolina. But our wedding will still be in Suffolk, VA, near where we live now. So planning a wedding from out-of-state is going to be a bit stressful and very challenging. I’m going to be sending lots of emails and making lots of phone calls to keep everything on track! And then I have to make sure all the little things (like decorations and favors) make it from South Carolina back to Virginia!

Do you have any advice to offer current brides?

Don’t let anyone force you to settle for something that doesn’t match your vision. You’ll know you’ve found the right vendor when they can actually take bits and pieces of the vision in your head and make plans to make it a reality. That’s already happened with me with the wedding cake and centerpieces. You’ll know what I mean when you start planning, trust me!

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