Couple Spotlight * Meet an HHE Couple!

Today features one of my favorite bog installments where you get to meet and hear from one of our very own Hannah Hildebrandt Events couples. I love for other couples to actually see this side of the wedding planning and how it has been for another couple that is perhaps currently in your shoes or just stepping out of them! Not to mention, every couple is unique and different and that is just something that i have always LOVED about my job. 

You will get to know Hollie and Tim a little better today! This couple is just so sweet and I can’t wait to spend their special day with them in just a couple short months, this coming April at the Half Moone in Norfolk. :)

Let’s start with an easy one-How did you meet and what was your proposal like?

Tim and I met in college through collegiate cross country running.  Both of us were avid runners and met at a local meet.  In fact our first few dates were runs together!

Our proposal was very low key and he asked me at home.  We are very low key people and this was perfect.

Tell us a little something about yourselves that others may not know or find interesting:

This was hard!  Others might not know that after college we did long distance for an entire year.  He was beginning a career in the Air Force in Texas and I was working at another job in NY.   I believe that year made our relationship strong and we could not be happier together.

What has surprised you most in planning for a wedding?

How many little details there are!  Everyone knows the key things like a wedding dress and venue, ect but there are so many small details.  Never in my life would I think the color of a dinner plate matters!

What has been the biggest challenge through your wedding planning?

Planning a wedding from 400 miles away.  Due to the military, Tim and I currently live in NJ and are getting married in Norfolk, VA (That is where I grew up).  It’s hard because things are either taken care of through email or in short bursts and travel.  For instance in March we are coming down to Virginia to take care of last minute items.  We are here for 4 days and have 8 meetings with vendors!

Do you have any tips to offer future brides or brides currently planning their wedding?

Honestly, as cliché as it sounds (she didn’t ask me to say this) choosing Hannah as my wedding planner was the best thing I did for the wedding.  Hannah knows weddings inside and out.  She has had awesome ideas throughout the entire process and saved myself (in turn my fiancé and family) so much stress.  Also trust each of your wedding vendors.  They know weddings and have been around weddings.  They are experts and are here to help!

What are you most looking forward to on the big day?

Gathering friends and family for one big party!  A wedding is a giant celebration of fun and joining to families.  We are all about the fun!

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